Top 5 reasons why you should learn AI now!

Why is Artificial Intelligence gaining so much momentum these days? Should you learn about it?

If you’re looking for the answers to these questions, you’re at the right place. Today you’ll get to know why you should start learning about Artificial intelligence now!

  1. It’s the FUTURE!

Artificial Intelligence is not just a big part of our future, it is in fact, our future! The time when artificial intelligence will take on the world and most of the jobs that we have today is not too far. To stay up to date and relevant, it’s imperative for everyone to gain as much knowledge about artificial intelligence as possible at the earliest. 

It’s extremely important to prepare yourself right now to be able to be a part of the future. More than that, it’s important to prepare yourself to understand the breakthrough transformation that will be witnessed. This is a non-exhaustive field and there’s no limit to what you can learn. Now is when you can and have to start!

  1. Importance in the Healthcare Sector

In the upcoming digital age, the usage of artificial intelligence is inevitable. One of the sectors that will have the biggest and most valuable impact is the healthcare sector. Today a doctor can diagnose and monitor a patient from any location.

In the future, predefined medications and algorithms will be gaining more practicality and effectiveness. Artificial Intelligence is and will continue to make advancements in the medical field. Therefore, it’s important that you start gaining some insight into it. 

  1. Automobile Sector Advancement

This is one of the most recent and biggest advancements in the world of AI. The concept of self-driving cars, autopilot features, and other new additions by known players like Tesla have entered the market already. Can you imagine a car that can take you from one point to another without driving?

This is not an imagination anymore! This is the reality of the near future. Artificial Intelligence is looking over the feasibility of these factors and much more including safety and security, along with economical factors. 

  1. Protection from Fraudulent Activities

Fraud detection monitoring systems are a boon to humankind given by artificial intelligence. Have you ever received an email or a text message from your bank confirming the recent transaction activity was actually made by you or was it someone else who got hold of your card? Well, most of this transaction monitoring is carried out by the fraud detection team which is powered by AI.

For example: Consider a scenario where you’re suddenly withdrawing cash using your ATM card after constant inactivity over the past couple of years. This will be flagged as a fraudulent alert automatically by the system. AI algorithms help develop this flagging alert and protect you and millions of others from falling prey to fraudulent activities. AI algorithms consider different scenarios and instances which helps make the public cautious and protects them.

  1. Societal Contribution

The contribution of artificial intelligence towards healthcare and disaster management, but much beyond that as well. It is involved in farming as well. Today, software are simplifying the work of farmers by providing them information about the weather, fields, and soil. It is also helping them track irregular plant growth. This is helping in improving the productivity in the farming sector and contributing towards profit enhancement.

Governments are also implementing AI in their smart city applications, which is helping them improve environmental planning, crime prevention, and better resource management. AI is not a technology that requires a separate app or device. It adds intelligence to your daily usage of products.

The reasons why you should learn Artificial Intelligence are non-exhaustive. These were some of the most important reasons why you should pursue the study of Artificial Intelligence starting now!

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