Tips and tricks to speed up your Python Code☑

Python is becoming a more widely used programming language in the financial services industry due to its ease of usage. It’s well known for its straightforward syntax, one-liners, and packages. Python offers numerous advantages. But it also has a significant speed disadvantage. Python code is slow to execute.🔄

Here are some tips for speeding up your Python code by a significant margin.

Use the right data structure in python code.🔝

  • The selection of effective data structures has a major impact on the runtime of a script. The four built-in data structures in Python involve List, Tuple, Set and Dictionary. On the other hand, in every case, most developers utilize lists. This is not the right path to take. You should always use data structures, depending on your tasks.🔗
python  data structure

  • You disrespect Python if you use python and yet write your own functions. Python has a huge number of library features. And integrated features to avoid these features. You will find that nearly the majority of your problems have a solution. Also with less code when you conduct some investigation.🤔
Built-In Functions and Libraries🤨

Reduce For loop utilization🧐

  • You may replace loops with list understandings and recursive features. You can utilise an understanding of the list instead.🤠
Reduce For loop utilization🧐

Memory Footprint Reduction🤹🏻

  • The memory footprint displays the quantity of memory used by the program. The word footprint refers to an object’s memory. You need to lower the memory usage of your program to make our python code run faster.
Memory Footprint Reductio

Less use of Global Variables in python code🌏

  • It has far more efficient access to local variables than global ones. You should always strive to ignore global variables declared until they are essential.
  • A global variable once defined in a program will remain until the full program compiles, and will thus occupy the whole memory space.
  • Local variables on the other hand consume only memory till the function ends. Therefore, one or two local variables instead of a general variable is always a better option.

Use Generators🌐

  • You should utilize the generators for this if you are dealing with a huge number of data inside your lists and utilize one data at a time, because it saves a lot of time.🧭

Try Different Approach for python coding🎀

  • Each of the problems we find we all like using the brute force technique. This strategy can solve your problem statement but also increases the program’s execution duration.
  • To tackle your problem, you should always investigate various algorithms, recursive and dynamic techniques.
  • Your code might be slower and illegible, even when you know all the strategies. You must always explore various and more efficient ways to create your code in order to avoid this.

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