Kaggle Experts: What is this new fad in town?

You must have heard all the rage around Kaggle experts these days and some of you might even want to join the club. So, get ready to kick start your journey towards achieving this goal as we guide you on what a kaggle expert is and how they function. 

What is Kaggle? (Kaggle expert)

Kaggle is a subsidiary of Google LLC, which is an online community of data scientists and machine learning practitioners. It allows you to find and publish data sets, facilitates the exploration and building of models in a data-science environment that is web-based. It also lets you work with fellow data scientists and machine learning engineers, hence entering competitions to solve challenges arising from data science.

Why is there so much hype around becoming a Kaggle Expert?

Kaggle is a leading platform where Data Scientists from all across the world integrate together. When you become a Kaggle expert, you show your proficiency in the community of Data Scientists. Apart from that, becoming an Expert at Kaggle also opens up a variety of opportunities for you as an Intern or as a Job Employee in the field. All in all, it’s the right step in the direction of advancing towards your career as a Data Scientist by getting experience and making the most of the opportunities available for you. 

Kaggle Progression System

This is a performance measurement system that measures your growth on Kaggle as a Data Scientist. Under this system, you earn medals as you achieve and compete amongst fellow data scientists to get ahead on the leaderboard. 

There are 4 categories of Data SCience expertise around which the Kaggle Progression System is designed. These are-

  • Competitions
  • Notebooks
  • Datasets
  • Discussions

Under each category of expertise, you can advance further through your performance.

Now, to become a Kaggle expert, you have to cross the phases of Novice and Contributor and once you’ve achieved the expert status, you can become a master and then finally, a Grandmaster. 

Performance Rewards

While competing at Kaggle, you receive medals as rewards for your achievements across the different categories. You can receive a medal based on a single accomplishment: a great competition result, a popular notebook, a useful dataset or an insightful comment.

  • Competition Medals – 
0-99 Teams 100-249 Teams 250-999 Teams    1000+ Teams
BronzeTop 40%Top 40%Top 100Top 10%
SilverTop 20%Top 20%Top 50Top 5%
GoldTop 10%Top 10Top 10 + 0.2%*Top 10 + 0.2%*
  • Dataset Medals-
Bronze5 votes
Silver20 votes
Gold50 votes
  • Notebook Medals-
Bronze5 votes
Silver20 votes
Gold50 votes
  • Discussion Medals- 
Bronze1 vote
Silver5 votes
Gold10 votes

How do you become a Kaggle expert?

Once you complete some amount of work significantly in one or multiple expertise on Kaggle, you reach the expert tier on it. You also become a part of the Kaggle Ranking amongst all the data scientists of that particular category with everything you need.

Following are the requirements for becoming an expert on Kaggle under the 4 sets of expertise discussed earlier:

Competitions – 2 Bronze medals 

Datasets – 3 Bronze medals

Notebooks – 5 Bronze medals

Discussions – 50 Bronze medals

kaggle expert

Now that you know what Kaggle is, why it’s in the news these days and how the algorithm at Kaggle works, you can take the first step in the direction of becoming a Kaggle expert. Don’t forget to let us know once you’ve started your journey with a quick comment down below!


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