Jobs in 2021: Highest paying tech you must apply🤑

Jobs in 2021, As we are halfway through the year 2021 let explore the highest-paying tech jobs in 2021. So, we bring you an enlightening article for youth and upcoming engineers from the IT-related field. It will help you to choose your career path as well as keep your skills up to the mark. As we all know IT professionals are always paying attention to upgrade their current skills. Therefore,  learn something new, and surpass their limits.👽

 jobs in 2021 IT professionals

We here come with a bunch of jobs and average salary to guide you better which job is your dream job:

1. Data Scientist jobs in 2021

Data Scientist one of the most demanding and highest jobs in 2021. Therefore, Data Scientist deals with big data. They collect and study large sets of structured and unstructured data. They better excel at business decisions. Likewise, they know data modeling, machine learning algorithms. And coding (mostly using Python, R, and SAS) however, also includes analytical skills. Therefore, The average Data Scientist Salary for Freshers is around Rs 7-10L per annum.🤑

2. Big Data Engineer

As the title says it is clear that the engineers work-life revolves around big data applications. The engineer handles the life-cycle of large-scale deployments. They actually have expertise in software utilities such as Hadoop, NoSQL, Spark. Other expertise is, however, Data warehousing technologies, Data visualization et cetera. Therefore, The average Big Data Engineer Salary for Freshers is around Rs 8-10L per annum.🤘

3. Cloud Architect

In this paragraph, Cloud Architect oversees the cloud computing strategy and coordinates with a different team to make sure that implementation is correctly done.  Moreover, A Cloud Architect should have knowledge about other cloud application architect, also know the usage of AWS and Azure. Above all, The Cloud Architect Salary range from Rs 10-50L per annum.

4. DevOps Engineer Jobs in 2021

The role of a DevOps engineer is to introduce tools, processes to balance the needs of the SDLC. Such engineer needs to habituate with Linux, Git, Unix, and Jenkins.  Moreover, Also, they should have quality knowledge about programming like Python, ruby, Sell et cetera. Above all, The average DevOps Engineer Salary for Freshers is around Rs 6-8L per annum.

5. Blockchain Engineer Jobs in 2021

Currently, Blockchain is a trending technology. As a Blockchain engineer, you need to develop and apply solutions to blockchain technology. As in current state, It seems India is going to adapt to Blockchain technology as it has started adopting digital payments as well. In this paragraph, As a Blockchain engineer you should have great and in-depth amount of knowledge about Ripple, Ethereum, R3 and other various blockchain technologies, Programming, consensus methodologies and crypto libraries. The Blockchain Engineer Salary range from Rs 5-30L per annum.

6. Cybersecurity Specialist Jobs ✔

In this paragraph, In the world of advanced technology, we need a quality number of cybersecurity specialists. According to Global Cybersecurity Index (GCI), India is ranked 23rd. It looks good but in reality, it’s not up to the mark for a country who developing so rapidly like India. We need more and more Cybersecurity Specialists. The job involves protecting the systems from hacking attempts, viruses, malware, ransomware, and many other cyber-attacks. Above all, The Cybersecurity Specialist Salary range from Rs 5-20L per annum.💯

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