Computer Science - 101

Learn about bits & bytes of computers

This computer science course will give you in-depth knowledge about building clocks of computers and how it all works

Easy Language

This computer science course is specially designed for Indian audience, with instructions in the most widely spoken languages - English.

Easy To Start

This course is for students who have a keen interest in Computers and Technology.

Why Choose Computer Science 101?

Huge Demand

The demand for AI is huge today, and will also grow in the future. So, now is your time to get started.

Build Community

We are building a community of Teenage Coders, so they can innovate and make the world a better place to live in.

Computer Science is the key to let the computers works for you.

Computers can do the things in seconds that humans might take days



Learn Period

8 Weeks

Knowledge Required

No prerequisite

Course Language


What's Inside

this Introduction to computer science world

Train logical thinking

Coding is one of the most effective ways to improve your logical thinking.

Solve Real Issues

You will learn how to solve real-life problems with coding.

10 Practice Programs

You will build 10 real-life projects during this course.

teenage coder
Python Knowledge

You will learn Python in-depth during this course.


You will get Quizzes, Exercises for your personal assessment.

Online Communication

You will get all your doubts clarified during our live doubt sessions and discussion groups.


You are going to write AI Algorithms to solve real life problems


Become Computer Science Developer


Get a chance to become an Computer Science Certified  from Teenage Coder. Enroll Now to avail great deals and best courses offered!

Student Feedbacks

A glimpse of our happy students and their feedback about IOT course

Great insights on coding, loved it as a whole, and was a wonderful experience as a fresher.
Class 6
Just exited to start the coding part. Loved the way you explain things and make them so easy to understand.
Class 9

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