What exactly is a Full-Stack programmer?🤔

In this paragraph, Is it realistic to expect ordinary humans to grasp every aspect of the development stack? Probably not. A Full Stack Developer, in my opinion, is someone who is conversant with each layer. And if not proficiency in several, and who has a true interest in all software technologies. 👨‍💻

Above all, Good engineers who are conversant with the full-stack understand how to make the lives of others around them simpler. This is why I am so oppose to workplace bubbles. Sure, politics and communication issues may slow progress in huge companies.

The overall Full-Stack’s layers:

1.Environment of the server, network, and hosting:

✔This entails knowing what might break and why, as well as not taking any resources for granted.
✔Appropriate utilization of the file system, cloud storage, network resources, and knowledge of data redundancy and availability is required

✔What about race conditions and multi-threading? You won’t see those on your developing computer. However, but they may and do happen in real life.

✔Full-stack engineers and DevOps may collaborate. The system’s mistakes and logging features should be useful. Messages will be seen by DevOps before you, so make them count.

2.Modeling of data:

✔If the data model is incorrect, the business logic and higher levels begin to require unusual (ugly) code to compensate for edge situations that the data model does not address.

✔Full-stack engineers understand how to build a fairly normalized relational model, replete with foreign keys, indexes, views, lookup tables, and so on.

✔Non-relational data stores are known to full-stack developers, and they recognize wherever they excel over relational data stores.

3.Logic in Business:

✔The application’s core value proposition.
✔Solid object-oriented abilities are required.

Frameworks may also be require in this case.

4.User Interface:

Comprehend how to develop a legible layout, or recognize the necessity for assistance from artists and graphic designers. In any case, a strong visual design is essential.
HTML5 / CSS expertise is an option.
JavaScript is the language of the future. However, and there is a lot of interesting stuff done in the JavaScript community (node, backbone, knockout…).

5. Understanding the needs of the client and the business:

Now we’re veering towards the realm of the architect, but that’s far too hands-off.
✔Full-stack developers understand what happens in the field when the client utilizes the program. However, They also understand the business.


Additional Pieces of the Puzzle of Full-Stack:

✔Capability to create high-quality unit tests. By the way, unit tests are now possible with JavaScript.
✔Understanding of repeatable automated procedures for creating, testing, documenting, and deploying applications at scale.
✔It is critical to be mindful of security risks. However, each layer provides its own set of potential vulnerabilities.

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