Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence

What Will I Learn?

  • Python Programming
  • Logical Thinking
  • Computer Algorithms
  • AI Algorithms
  • Cutting-edge Tech Skills

Topics for this course

74 Lessons150h

Introduction to Python

Introduction to Python00:14:17
Assessment for Introduction to Python

Python IDLE Setup

Arithmetic Operations with Python

Formulas with Python

If-Else with Python

Operators in Python

For Loop in Python

While Loop in Python

Lists with Python

Operations on Lists with Python

Dictionaries with Python

Students Record Project with Python

Command Line Interface

OS Library in Python

Folder with OS Library in Python

File Handling with Python

Email Slicer with Python

Phone Book with Python

Inventory Management with Python

Functions in Python

DIY Libraries in Python

Anaconda Naviagtor Setup

Introduction to Jupyter Notebook

Github Setup

Introduction to Numpy

Introduction to Pandas

PlayStore Analysis

Dealing with Null Values

PlayStore Analysis – Dealing with Null Values

Population Analysis

GDP Analysis

Population Trend

Summer Olympics Analysis

US Cars Dataset Analysis

Assignment on COVID Vaccination and Winter Olympics

What is AI

AI vs ML vs DL vs DS

Subsets of Artificial Intelligence

AI Pipeline

Working of ANN

Breast Cancer Detection

Bank Fraud Detection

Iris Flower Dataset Assignment

Introduction to Image Processing and Chess Matrix

Generate Black and White Image

Generating QR Codes

QR Code



Working of CNN


Cat vs Dog


Material Includes

  • 150+ Hours of Video Training
  • Quizzes
  • Individual Assignments
  • Course Completion Certification


  • Computer or Laptop

Target Audience

  • Class 7th or above
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