Competitive Programming💯

So, what is Competitive Programming? That is the first thought that occurs to me. What is the purpose of competitive programming? What exactly is the point of competitive programming? etc., etc. As a result, this article will serve as a comprehensive resource for competitive programming.

What is Competitive Programming?🤔

Competitive programming is a mind sport in which people compete to program according to given criteria over the Internet or a local network. The participants are referre to as sport programmers. Several major software and Internet businesses, such as Google and Facebook, recognize and promote competitive programming. Programming contests are held on a regular basis by a number of organizations. So, How to prepare for Competitive Programming?

competitive programming
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There are a few easy measures you may take to improve your competitive programming preparation. The steps are as follows:

  • Choose a Programming Language: To begin, select a programming language with which you are most familiar and study its syntax. C, C++, Java, Python. So, or any other programming language can be used. Programming languages are a means of communicating with a computer and instructing it on what to perform. C++, C, or Java is a quicker programming language than any other. However, and it is permitted to be used in any coding competition or interview. So, it’s best if you pick one of these three, but if you’re more comfortable with another language, there’s no reason to limit yourself. Python is a good choice for beginners since it is simple to learn and has a user-friendly syntax.

competitive programming
  • Learn about Time and Space Complexity: In most situations, there are several solutions to a problem. So, therefore you must choose the best, or optimum. So for that, option, which is determine by how much time and space an algorithm requires to solve a problem. To create an optimal solution to the problem. However, it’s critical to understand these two principles.
  • Learn about Data Structures and Algorithms: Array, Linked List, Stack, Queue, Tree, Graph, Sorting, Recursion. And Dynamic Programming is all DSA fundamentals that will help you become a better programmer. The most essential thing is to understand what to use when to use it, and where to use it. It refers to which data structure is best for which sort of problem in order to obtain the best result.
  • Solve Coding Problems: You must participate in code challenges on several coding sites. It would be ideal if you practised for few challenges on your own before entering the event and then participated there. There are several sites like Codeforces, Codechef, Topcoder, and SPOJ if you are seeking for resources for these coding platforms.

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