Best Websites to learn to code βœ”

A fantastic technique to enhance your coding abilities is through code solutions. Solving numerous challenges and puzzles enable you to improve your problem solver. And master the complexity of the language of programming, prepare for work interviews. Also, discover new algorithms, and moreπŸ‘½

Everyone can learn how to code the good news! The wrong thing? It’s tough to code. But you can accomplish it, as long as you have the attributes: curiosity, will, determination. Writing code is also a matter of addressing problems. SO, This is behind programming the basic concept. The automation of a one-task activity is commonly done.🦾


Below is a list of several popular websites with a brief summary of what each of these websites offers.

Teenage Coder:βœ”

Each of the instructors at Teenage Coder is professionally qualified in computer science. They are highly trained in Data Science, AI, ML, Web technologies. With a strong passion for teaching, they are skill at boosting the critical thinking competence of young innovative minds.πŸ’•


  • TopCoder is one of the early online competition venues. It gives a collection of former algorithmic challenges that may be completed online through the code editor. Their popular single-round matches are present several times a month at a certain point when you are competing against others to answer problems with the greatest score as quickly as possible.


  • Coderbyte offers more than 200 coding tasks, which may be solve straight online in one of ten languages (check out this example). The tasks range from simple (the biggest word in a string) to difficult (print the maximum cardinality matching of a graph).

HackerRank for code:πŸ§›β€β™‚οΈ

  • For several domains, such as algorithms, mathematics, SQL, functional programming, AI, and more, HackerRank presents obstacles. All of the problems may be solve online instantly (check out this example). They give a conversation and leadership for all issues, and the majority of the problems come with an editorial that outlines the difficulty and how to solve it. In addition to the editorial, other users’ solutions cannot presently be viewed on HackerRank.😎

TopCoder Challenges for code:✌

  • The challenges are clearly specified on each of them both by particular dates and awards. They also display which languages or libraries are necessary. Although not for novices, these tasks are nicely developed.πŸŽ‰


  • CodeChef is one of the largest competitive venues for programming. They provide their platform to anybody to conduct programming contests. And a feature calls the campus section a tool to use for groups. Every month, they also offer 3 reward competitions.


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